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We have used Development Matters as our non-statutory curriculum guidance and The National Curriculum in England to develop our school curriculum.  


We have developed our curriculum to ensure we not only meet but exceed the requirements of Development Matters and the National Curriculum in providing our pupils with a knowledge-rich education to ensure their success as they move through each key stage and onto KS3.  


At Meadow View Primary School we offer a broad, balanced and academically rigorous curriculum for all our learners. Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are taught all seven areas of learning with an emphasis on developing key skills, knowledge and understanding. We have a heavy focus on developing language, communication and vocabulary through books in order to prioritise a love of stories and the skills within the prime areas ready for F2 where the curriculum starts with the child and expands into the community and then the wider world. This develops a strong sense of self and the children begin to appreciate the similarities and differences between us.  


Our curriculum is designed with our children at the heart to ensure that all of our children make good progress and are ready for their next phase of learning. Maths, English and emotional literacy are taught every day. Religious Education, Physical Education, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and Mental Wellbeing are taught each week. The rest of the curriculum time is blocked into knowledge-rich, well sequenced enquiry topics based around the following subjects: History, Geography, Science, Art, Music and Computing. The following six themes: invasion, settlement, evolution, civilisation, economics and existence evolved as a natural structure to underpin the curriculum. In each subject area we have incorporated both the disciplinary knowledge and subject specific knowledge that we want children to know. 


Our school values of achieve, aspire, include and wellness are built into our curriculum both in the content and the influential people we choose to study. We have carefully chosen a bespoke set of drivers that has influenced the design of our curriculum:  


 The curriculum promotes long-term learning and we believe that progress means knowing more and remembering more. We have developed a curriculum built on current research regarding how memory works to ensure that children can remember the curriculum content in future years. This is why we place particular emphasis on children knowing and remembering the core knowledge we have identified and building rich webs of knowledge as they progress through the curriculum.  


More details about how each subject is taught and educational philosophy that underpins this can be found on the subject specific page.