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Personal Development

Our approach to Personal Development is tiered, starting with

Tier 1, our vision, values, ethos, and drivers which underpins every aspect of school life and drives everything that we do. 

Tier 2 is our ambitious, carefully constructed curriculum which supports progression in learning.  Personal development is a component of all subjects within the curriculum as a whole; however the key subjects which teach personal development discretely and have specific personal development skills and knowledge are: RSE, PSHE, PE, Computing and Science.

Tier 3 details the whole school strategies that all pupils access universally.

Tier 4 sets out the personal development opportunities that are targeted towards specific year groups.

Tier 5 outlines targeted personal development opportunities which are available at specific times on either a 1 to 1 or small group basis for identified children.

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Personal Development Strategic Overview-2.jpg
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Personal Development Strategic Overview-4.jpg
Personal Development Strategic Overview-5.jpg
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