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This week we have been learning about the first of our 5 new rules, 'Respect'. In assembly we discussed how to show respect to each other and to property. We looked at how you can gain respect but also how you can loose it depending on the actions and words you choose to use. In class circle times over the next week we will be discussing it further and looking at what children can do to show respect to all. 

Respect Challenge

We want to celebrate and display all of you showing respect. Over the next week take photographs of yourselves showing respect in different situations, to different people, for different reasons and in different places. You can either print them out and bring them into school or email them to the school website. All of the photos will be displayed in school and shown in assembly over the next few weeks. Try to make your photo different from anyone else's, showing respect in a way no one else may have thought of. 

Respect others, Respect property, Repesct yourself.

After scchool clubs summer term 1 2015


  • Team games -Years 2 - 6 Until 4.15pm
  • Football Club - Years 1-6 Until 4.30pm
  • Ipad club - Years 1 & 2 Until 4.15pm


  • Multi sports - Year 1-6 Until 4.15pm


  • Street dance - Years 2-6 Until 4.15
  • Film Club - Years F2 - Year 2 Until 4.30pm
  • Creative club - Years 5 - 6 Until 4.30pm
  • Percussion club - Years 4 & 5 Until 4.15pm


  • Singing & dancing club Years F2,1 & 2 Until 4.15pm
  • Team games F2 until 4.15pm
  • Ipad/Library club - Years 4,5 & 6 until 4.15pm
  • Cricket club - Years 3-6 until 4.30pm


Red Nose Day Staff and Y6 Bake Off

A huge Red Nose Day well done to Nathan in Y6 and to Mrs Williams for winning the Y6 and staff bake off.  Can you find or guess which were the winning cakes or buns?

Child Sexual Exploitation

Children,Young People and Families Consortium - Rotherham Volutary Sector

are holding a free workshop on Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Learn about what makes a child or young person at risk of child sexual exploitation
  • Understand how to spot the signs
  • Learn what to do if you feel a child or young person is being exploited
  • Find out what we can do to help to prevent it from happening in our community

The workshop is on Thursday 12th March 2015 at 9.15am at Ferham Primary School


Chocolate shop

Coming soon to MVP- 3C's chocolate shop.

Today we made some new exciting flavours

Honey popcorn

Cherry cola

Mint aero

Raspberry Vimto

Strawberry popping candy

Flapjack and fudge

Strawberry and Doughnuts

Malteaser and mini egg

"At Meadow View Primary School, education is about children being able to experience the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative in writing, art and music, developing their self-confidence as learners and maturing both socially and emotionally.

Meadow View Primary School will combine high standards with a broad and rich curriculum. Education will be the fusion of excellence and enjoyment. Children learn better when they are excited and engaged; when there is joy in what they are doing they learn to love learning."

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This week we have been learning about the first of our 5 new rules, 'Respect'. In assembly we …
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World Book Day

At Meadow View we celebrated World Book Day.  Here are a few of the photos from the day.

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