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February Half Term

Break up: Fri 13th Feb
Back to school: Mon 23rd Feb

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Welcome to Meadow View

Welcome to Meadow View Primary School’s website!

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Chocolate shop

Coming soon to MVP- 3C's chocolate shop.

Today we made some new exciting flavours

Honey popcorn

Cherry cola

Mint aero

Raspberry Vimto

Strawberry popping candy

Flapjack and fudge

Strawberry and Doughnuts

Malteaser and mini egg

After school clubs Spring term 2 2015


  • Team games Years 2-6 Until 4.15pm
  • Football club Year 1-6 Until 4.30pm
  • Ipad club Year 1-2 Until 4.15pm



  • Multi sports Year 1-6 Until 4.15pm



  • Street dance Years 2-6 Until 4.15pm
  • Film club Years F2 -Year 2 Until 4.30pm
  • Creative Club Years 5 & 6 Until 4.30pm
  • Origami club Years 4 & 5 Until 4.15pm



  • Music club Years 2 & 3 Until 4.15pm
  • Team games F2 Until 4.15pm
  • Sewing club Years 4,5 and 6 Until 4.15pm

Chinese New Year Crafts at Kimberworth Library

Come to Kimberworth Library on 19th February for Chinese New Year Crafts.

Meadow View's Got Talent

After an exciting live finals, the winner of Meadow View's Got Talent has finally been announced.

In 3rd place- Brian and Daniel

In 2nd place- Frosty Four (Hannah, Phoebe, Ruby and Shannon).

The winners and this years MV's Got Talent champions- the Incredible Dancers (Ellie and Holly)!

A huge well done to all the acts for putting on such an incredible show!

Maths Club

A brilliant start to our Maths club. I am so impressed with the turnout- 45 children attended the maths club today. Their enthusiasm and passion was amazing! We had lots of fun. Miss Bibi 😊

"At Meadow View Primary School, education is about children being able to experience the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative in writing, art and music, developing their self-confidence as learners and maturing both socially and emotionally.

Meadow View Primary School will combine high standards with a broad and rich curriculum. Education will be the fusion of excellence and enjoyment. Children learn better when they are excited and engaged; when there is joy in what they are doing they learn to love learning."

Latest News

Chocolate shop

Coming soon to MVP- 3C's chocolate shop. Today we made some new exciting flavours Honey popcorn …
Latest News

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What a wow day!

What a fantastic first day to 2015! We have had Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter and The White …

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