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Y5/6 Fox class

Drawing of Fox
Drawing of Fox
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Mr Allen Class Teacher

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Mrs Kartout Teaching Assistant


My name is Mr. Allen and since qualifying in 2015, I have gained experience across every key stage. I have taught in year 4 and 5 for the past six years and I have been working as maths, science and DT lead in school for 5 years. I lead on teaching and learning throughout school as well as being assistant head teacher.

It’s my passion to work with young people and watch them grow along the way. I’ll be there every step of the way helping you to achieve and be the best you can be.

I have a French bulldog called Oscar, who is a little bundle of fun and only 3 months old. I have a real love of mechanics and love to fix up my old Classic Mini at the weekend. My favourite sport is golf as I find it challenging yet relaxing. (Though I’ve not had a hole in one…yet!) Finally, I absolutely love to read daily and I’m always looking for recommendations for new books that can take me to another world. I’m sure you’ll all share my appetite for books as they truly do make us cleverer!!!


Class Topics
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