Y3/4 Owl class

Drawing of Owl
Drawing of Owl
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Miss Saddique Class Teacher

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Mrs Coult Teaching Assistant

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Mrs Foster Teaching Assistant

I’m Miss Saddique and I have been a teacher at Meadow View since January and have loved teaching my class. I love planning inspiring, creative lessons for my class and especially love to teach Science. In my spare time, I love going out for walks, baking cakes and spending time with my family. My favourite two films are Matilda and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (my favourite character is Hermione Granger). I enjoy saying active so I have also recently started taking weekly tennis lessons which I absolutely love. I have had a cat for 11 years and her name is Fluffy Coco Saddique. I cannot wait to her all about your pets, getting to know you all and learning together!

Class Topics
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