Welcome . . .

Welcome to Meadow View Primary's website. You will find lots of information regarding the school, as well as examples of children's work and of our welcoming environment and Project Based Learning curriculum.

Meadow View is an exciting place to grow and learn. We take pride in the wide range of opportunities we provide for children to engage them in a love for learning, including forest school, a high quality school library, dedication to sports opportunities, swimming lessons, community links and annual out of school educational visits.

We want all our children to feel happy, safe and secure in school and every effort is made by all the staff to create a happy and caring atmosphere where each child is shown respect and care. We strive to be inclusive and create a learning environment and curriculum where every child is able to achieve their full potential and achieve the highest of standards - hence our school motto - Dream, Believe, Achieve!

During our Parent and Child Voice Gold Charter visit, staff at Meadow View were credited for their caring, dedicated approach and creating a real sense of love for every child. We understand that each child is unique and all children are capable of success. We are passionate about developing the whole child; educationally, morally, spiritually and physically.

The ethos of the school is built around our 3 key themes of ambition, wellness and social awareness, these are supported by our 3 behaviour rules: Aim High, Stay Safe and Be Kind. Our curriculum is specifically designed to build ambition to succeed in children, ensuring that they always have high aspirations for themselves and recognising that hard work pays off. It supports children's social awareness, both of their own wellbeing and how they can manage their emotions effectively and also, how their actions impact others. It is our aim that every child will have the confidence and skills for their next stage of their learning journey and for their future life.

We also hope that they look back on their time at Meadow View Primary (MVP) with affection and pride and realise that whilst here they were treated as a Most Valuable Pupil.

Jenni Logan

Head Teacher