Welcome to Meadow View Primary School

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I am so incredibly proud to be welcoming you to our school website. Hopefully, by viewing this website, you will get an insight into life at Meadow View Primary school and see how proud we are to serve our community.

Our motto is dream, believe, succeed and these are three words that you will see shine through our ethos. We encourage children to aspire to be the best they can be and develop the passion and ambition to achieve on a daily basis, not only within lessons but also within friendships and wider skills. We teach children to believe in their abilities and develop the resilience to tackle any challenge and finally, to succeed academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Children’s mental health and wellbeing is a central theme in our school and runs through the heart of everything we do. We teach children how to recognise, talk about and manage their own wellbeing. Children are taught to manage big emotions and how to remain self-regulated and resilient through challenges.

We are passionate about education and making the primary years as magical and enriching as we can. We are so lucky to have a very modern school building and grounds which are well kept and inviting. We have incredible staff that always go the extra mile and keep the children close to their hearts. As soon as you enter the building you will feel the warmth and see that we are a happy place to work and learn. Children at our school will have opportunities to: use our forest school, explore pond life, go on regular visits out of school, play in school sports teams, attend a wide range of after school clubs, go grass sledging, attend an overnight residential, perform in Christmas shows, contribute to our community, go swimming, experience playing a musical instrument, enjoy watching annual pantomimes and performances and much, much more!

Our forest school is an extra learning space available for all children to learn about and respect nature and the natural world, learn about wildlife and how to care for it and learn about the benefits of being outdoors and how it keeps us healthy.

We are proud of our diverse nature and the diverse community we serve and consider the range of diverse cultures, viewpoints and beliefs as a real strength of ours. We are supported by our fabulous families, a wonderful community and active governing body.

Visits to the school are warmly welcomed and encouraged. Please contact the school Office on 01709 740500 to arrange a suitable time.

I hope you find all of the information required and if we have not already met, I look forward to meeting you soon and hopefully welcoming you as a member of our Meadow View Family.

Mrs J Logan