Stars of the Week Awards

Stars of the Week - 10th to 14th June 2019

Class Name Reason
F2/1L Layton A. Following school rules.
Cody M.
Class 2/1M Leyton M. Becoming more settled.
Class 2/1H Maleekah K. Trying hard to improve her handwriting.
Class 4/3W Miley S. Learning how to tell the time.
Class 4/3H Chloe R. Working hard in literacy.
Class 6/5F Ruby A. A kind & caring friend & including people.
Class 6/5W Jake M. Producing an amazing biography and being attentive in science.
Miss Harkot Layton A. Helping members of staff.
Sashwin K. Helping children.
Franchy S. Always smiling!