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Student Forum


What is Student Forum?

Student forum is the system that our school uses to ensure that every child has a voice and that every child is heard. Student opinion is important to us and will help us to continually improve the school.


How does student Forum work?

Each half term, we have a key question that is posed to all children in school in their classes. Children have the opportunity to debate the question with their peers and then generate some ideas and answers to the question that they want to submit to the senior leadership team. The senior leadership team then study the responses and make informed decisions because of the children’s suggestions.


What sort of questions could student forum be asked to debate?

There are a wide range of questions that could be asked. They can be suggested by parents, governors, pupils or staff or they may link into something that the school is wanting to improve. Some of the questions we have looked at include:

  • What activities would you like to see at after school club?

  • What do you like and dislike about dinner time?

  • What would you like to see in our playground reading pod?


How does this help the children?

  1. It allows your child/ren some input into school decisions

  2. It helps school to improve and become an environment where children feel they have some ownership. It encourages your child to understand that there are different viewpoints around issues and that they may not always agree with their friends and that is ok.

  3. It helps your child/ren feel part of our community and a sense of belonging

  4. It helps educate your children on the British Values of: Democracy, rule of law, respect and tolerance and individual liberty.

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