About Meadow View Primary School

Our Mission Statement

Meadow View Primary School is a healthy, enjoyable and caring school where teachers aim high to provide quality teaching and learning for all pupils.

Together, we are working hard to improve our school, one step at a time, ensuring children are more independent in their learning and have many opportunities to learn through first hand experience in a creative and rich environment.

Parents are seen as partners in our learning and we are learning more about our local and wider community to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of how we fit into the world that we live.

Our Vision

Our aim is to create a learning community that is safe, inclusive and enriching for all. A place that is child centred and intends to provide its pupils with a wealth of different and enjoyable experiences.

Children will develop a pride in their work and achieve their full potential. Every child will have their talents and successes recognised and celebrated.

Meadow View Primary School takes an inclusive approach to developing children's attitudes and attributes, which are at the heart of what we do. We believe that by working together with parents and carers, we can nurture children to be happy, independent, self-motivated, confident, flexible, respectful, positive.

We will build on these to develop the skills they need for life, such as creativity, communication, teamwork, problem solving and using ICT confidently in order to be able to;

Dream ~ Believe ~ Achieve.

Using these skills we aim to understand our local, national and global community more and contribute to its development to ensure we are making a difference for the better and prepared for a positive and successful future.

Admission Arrangements

Admission to F1 (Nursery Year):

To apply for a part-time F1 place, please contact the school directly at anytime before your child's 3rd birthday to place them on the list.

Children will be allocated a part time F1 place in the September, January or Easter following their 3rd birthday. Places are allocated in order of being placed on the list and subject to available space.

Children will be allocated a full time F2 place at the beginning of the Autumn term following their 4th birthday, see information below as to how to apply for a space. (Children must be aged 4 by 31st August prior to this.)

Admission to F2 (reception year) or Mid-Year Transfer:

To apply for a school place, either to start full time school in F2 (reception year) or mid-year into F2, and/or Years 1 to 6, please visit Rotherham MBC - Apply for a school place.

Children will be allocated a full time F2 place at the beginning of the Autumn term following their 4th birthday. (Children must be aged 4 by 31st August prior to this.)

Our intake limit is 40 children for each year group. If that number has not been reached there is every likelihood that your child will be admitted to the school.

A child's academic ability has no bearing on whether or not he or she is admitted. However, if the Head Teacher thinks that a child's needs cannot be met, or the education of the others might suffer, she may refuse an application in the interests of all parties. The parents should then take Local Authority advice. You may also wish to discuss any number of issues with our Governing Body. Our Chair of Governors is Broydon Vickerage, and our Parent Governors can be contacted via the school.

Children leave for secondary education at the end of the school year in which they become eleven years of age (ie the end of Year 6). The majority of our children go on to Winterhill Technology College, further information can be found at www.winterhill.org.uk

Admissions Appeals 2021/22

Update on Admissions Appeals - Guidance for 2021/22

All the relevant information is available via the link below:


There are currently temporary admission appeals regulations in place due to Covid and we are awaiting confirmation from the DfE whether these arrangements are to be extended.

If you wish to consider applying for your child to attend the school, you are very welcome to visit. The Head Teacher will be happy to show you round and answer any questions you may have. If you telephone the school on 01709 740500, the office staff will be happy to make an appointment for you.

The School Day

Year group Day starts: Day finishes:
F1 AM 8.45am 11.45am
F1 PM 12.15pm 3.15pm
F2 - Y6 8.50am 3.15pm

Lunch: F2-Y2 : 11:45-1:00

Lunch: Y3-Y6 : 12:00-1:00

Further information. . .

. . . about our school can be found in our Prospectus which is available to download.