Our Key Drivers


Our school ethos, curriculum and vision is built around: Dream, Believe, Achieve and 3 key drivers of social awareness, aspirations and wellness…

 Social Awareness

Children are taught how to socially manage a range of situations that they may encounter as they grow into adulthood, whilst also developing their self-confidence, communication abilities and teamwork skills. We provide children with the cultural capital to enable them to respect the diversity that the world offers and to be inclusive to all. We encourage children to know and understand their place within the diverse world and how to build positive rewarding relationships with others including building a positive relationship with our community. This is encompassed in our school rule of ‘be kind!’


We want every child who enters our school to develop their self-esteem and belief in themselves in order to be aspirational. Each child should feel empowered to be the best they can be and be surrounded by the correct support and inclusive approach to enable this. We want children to be aspirational for their futures, aspirational for their wider achievements and aspirational within all lessons, hence our school rule ‘Aim high!’

We recognise that reading is the gateway to knowledge and lifelong learning and therefore we place reading at the centre of our curriculum. We aim to use literature to open new doors and inspire children to aspire by ensuring a range of high quality books that represent our wonderfully diverse community. Our school has a carefully designed, engaging curriculum, that is sequential and stimulating and takes account of the core skills that children need to be successful in the next phase of their education.



In an ever changing world with ever changing pressures, we endeavour to provide children with the emotional literacy and self-regulation skills to enable them to articulate and navigate their emotions, no matter how big or small the emotion is. We focus on children’s health encouraging children to stay both mentally and physically healthy or during challenging times, to positively recognise and seek help if it’s needed. Our curriculum is planned to ensure that all adults and children talk about their wellness each day and we act as emotionally available adults, using the power of relationships, to provide children with a 'toolbox for wellness and well-being.'  Alongside this, we encourage the development of spiritual wellness, ensuring children develop a sense of themselves with positive values, beliefs and morals that guide their actions. Hence our school rule of ‘stay safe’.