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ASK FOR ANI Campaign

On Thursday 14th January, the Home Office has launched a domestic abuse codeword scheme in thousands of Pharmacies across the UK.

STEP 1 : If a pharmacy has the ASK FOR ANI symbol on display, this means they are ready to help.

STEP 2 : Approach a member of staff and ASK FOR ANI.

STEP 3 : They will offer you a private space, provide a phone and ask if you want a 999 police response or to speak to a domestic abuse support helpline.

For further information, visit GOV.UK/DOMESTIC-ABUSE.

Positive Covid-19 test results during the Christmas break

The Trust would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff and pupils who are showing great resilience and have been working hard in what will no doubt be reflected on as the strangest of times.

It is encouraging to note that the effects of transmission rates have eased in December in our schools. It is however, important to remain vigilant, and aware of the need to continue to adhere to the covid secure measures applied in our settings and to us all, as individuals in our personal lives.

As Test and Trace is now working well, the onus and expectation is on us all to follow the public health guidance and get a coronavirus test, if symptomatic.

During the Christmas break, all positive test results should be reported to the following email address by parents of pupils and staff who have tested positive for coronavirus.

Positive test results up until Sunday 20th December and from 26th December onwards, could result in bubble closures and therefore school must be informed.

Please email the following details: Name, School, Year Group, telephone number, pupil or staff and the date of the positive test.

Wishing you all a Safe and Merry Christmas.

James Montgomery Academy Trust

Self Harm Awareness Training for Parents & Carers

This training is Suitable for parents and carers, regardless of prior experience, who may be supporting a loved one who is self harming.

This training is appropriate for parents, carers and family who would like to know more about self harm and how to support a loved one.

To book a place please email with the course you wish to attend, your name, date of birth and your email address.

Dates available from 29th January 2020 onwards.

Operation Encompass

Domestic abuse is a crime and occurs across all of society, it can happen to anyone. It can include physical violence, sexual assault and rape, verbal abuse, humiliation, not allowing people to see family and friends, threats to take away children, stalking, and denial of medical care and threat of deportation.

Operation Encompass, a partnership between South Yorkshire Police and Education, has been designed to provide support for any child in school who may be affected by a domestic abuse incident where the police have attended.

A key safeguarding member of staff in school will be informed when a domestic abuse incident has been recorded within the previous 24 hours or over the weekend. This will enable school to monitor children possibly affected and, where required, support if necessary. This will remain confidential; no information about specific incidents is shared with school. The school will, however, be able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children who have been involved in, affected by, or witnessed a domestic abuse incident.

SRP Campaign Tackles Hate

In Rotherham, The Safer Rotherham Partnership is keen to tackle hate in our communities. The SRP E-Bulletin will tell you more about hate crime and incidents and let you know what to do if you see or hear anything hate-related.

The Home Office public awareness campaign lets people know what hate is and encourages them to report it.

There are many types of offences which people, including victims, don't recognise as criminal. This includes online abuse, or abuse or harassment of a person because of their disability, race, religion, sexual orientation and transgender identity.

Autism Information and Advice Service

Following feedback from a range of stakeholders the Autism Family Support Team has changed its name to the Autism Information and Advice Service from October 1st 2019.

Referrals for advice sessions and training can be made by the Child Development Centre and CAMHS.

Referrals for training can be made by social workers, Early Help workers and families themselves.

For more information, the Autism Information and Advice Service Letter is available to download.

Support for students starting secondary school

Marking the launch of Starting Secondary School, a new BBC Bitesize campaign aimed at 10 to 12 year olds, their parents and teachers, offering practical advice and emotional support to help take the stress out of taking the next big step.

Once SATs are complete, focus shifts towards children leaving primary school. This campaign shines a light on the great potential of starting afresh in secondary school.

Practical advice for students and parents.

Using the highly successful format of peer to peer advice, Starting Secondary School partners with CBBC documentary series Our School to get first-hand experience from children who have made the move and, not only survived, but thrived.

On BBC Teach there are bespoke classroom clips and resources, in partnership with YoungMinds, that can be used as the start of discussions around transition as well as case studies of schools from across the UK that have particularly successful transition projects.

There are also tips for parents on how to best support their children emotionally and practically, as well as expert advice on topics such as bullying and online safety.

Consultation re: James Montgomery Academy Trust (JMAT)

We are asking for your opinions about what is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions we will make on behalf of Meadow View Primary School. We would like to seek your views on the decision that would see Meadow View Primary School become part of James Montgomery Academy Trust (JMAT).

Please take the time to read the Consultation Letter re: JMAT issued to parents/carers on 6th November 2018, which is available to download.

What happens now? - The letter marks the start of an information sharing and opinion gathering, through which we will gain the views of our parents/carers, pupils and staff. After this the governing body will look to discuss, respond to and shape the future arrangements in the best interest of our school.

How do I have my say? - Having read the details of why we have reached this decision, we now invite you to participate in our consultation to give your opinion. You will be able to contribute your opinion in one of the following ways:

  • Attend one of the consultation meetings we are holding at school on Wednesday 14th November at 3.30pm.
  • Write a letter to the school by Friday 16th November 2018 marked for the attention of the Chair of Governors.

Inspire to Change Programme

Inspire to Change is a programme for men and women who have been abusive, controlling or violent towards their partner. The course combines learning and support tailored to an individual's need. It is free for those who are motivated to make a change in their behaviour and work to improve their relationships.

The Inspire to Change service is run from South Yorkshire CRC's main offices, which are modern, welcoming and friendly spaces. Other community locations will be used as necessary to ensure Inspire to Change is accessible to all and tailored to individual need.

For more information, the Inspire to Change Leaflet is available to download.

Operation Dark Nights - South Yorkshirte Police

Between the 26th October and 6th November, South Yorkshire Police (SYP) will deal with an increased number of reports of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

In order to tackle this increase, SYP launch the Dark Nights Campaign during this period.

For more information, the Operation Dark Nights Briefing Note is available to download.


Central, Park View & Valley Children's Centre : Adult Learning Newsletter

Central, Park View & Valley Children's Centre provides a variety of services and activities to support children and their families.

Everyone is welcome and you can join in for family fun and meeting friends, expert advice on healthcare, parenting & family support, brush up on your skills or learn new ones and help with training and employment opportunities.

Their Adult Learning Newsletter is available to download.