Drawing of Rabbit

F1/F2 Rabbit class

Drawing of Rabbit
Mrs Tupling - Class Teacher_edited.jpg

Mrs Tupling Class Teacher

Mrs Clarkson - Teaching Assistant_edited.jpg

Mrs Clarkson Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brown - Play Supervisor_edited.jpg

Mrs Brown Children Supervisor

Mrs Bellamy - Play Supervisor_edited.jpg

Mrs Bellamy Children Supervisor

Mrs Bartholomew - Higher Level Teaching Assistant_edited.jpg

Mrs Bartholomew Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Boyle - Nursery Nurse_edited.jpg

Mrs Boyle Nursery Nurse

Hello Children and welcome to Meadow View Primary school. 

My name is Mrs Tupling and I am  the teacher in Rabbit Class.  I am a mummy to two girls and a little boy.  I also have two fur babies, a dog called Chester and a rabbit called Snuffles.  I love to be outdoors in nature and enjoy days out in the woods climbing trees and puddle jumping!  I also love going on adventures to the beach with my family, exploring rock pools and finding interesting shells and treasures.  

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