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Drawing of Hedgehog

F2 Hedgehog class

Drawing of Hedgehog
Mrs Gregg Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion and EYFS_edited.jpg

Mrs Gregg Class Teacher

Mrs Clarkson - Teaching Assistant_edited.jpg

Mrs Clarkson Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brown - Play Supervisor_edited.jpg

Mrs Brown Children Supervisor

Mrs Bellamy - Play Supervisor_edited.jpg

Mrs Bellamy Children Supervisor

Mrs Boyle - Nursery Nurse_edited.jpg

Mrs Boyle Nursery Nurse

Hello, everyone.


My name is Mrs Gregg and I am the teacher in Hedgehog class. As well as being a class teacher, I am also one of the Assistant Head Teachers at school and I lead the Early Years Foundation Stage. I have only been here at Meadow View for a very short time, but I have spent lots of years teaching and helping many other boys and girls in Rotherham and Sheffield.

I hope you like hedgehogs? I do because they are happy and friendly little animals. Just like hedgehogs, I love to be in the garden. I love to plant my plants and watch all of the bugs and wildlife. I could stand all day and watch the bees buzzing on my flowers. You will have so much fun learning all about the plants, trees, bugs and wildlife in our Forest School.   As well as gardening, I like to put on my running shoes and do some exercise to keep me fit. We have lots of fun and exercise in our outside area at school too!

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