Class F2/1 - Mrs Tupling/Mrs Logan

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Welcome to Class F2/1.

Mrs Tupling and Mrs Logan would like to welcome you to our Class page.

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2018/19

Here are the topics we will be covering during the Autumn term, along with the linked core story and big questions we are going to ask:

Topic F1 Core Story F2 Core Story Big Questions
Be the best you can be The Three Little Pigs Giraffes Can't Dance Do we all like the same things?
How can I be a good learner?
What is a good friend?
Home Goldilocks and the Three Bears The Tiger Who Came to Tea Who lives in your home?
Are all families special?
How do other people live?
Farms The Little Red Hen Farmer Duck Can a lion live on a farm?
Where does our food come from?
How do animals grow?
Autumn We're Going on a Bear Hunt Owl Babies What is a season?
How do we know it is autumn?
Woodland Hide and Seek The Gruffalo Who lives in woodlands?
How do woodland animals move?
Should we look after our environment?
Celebrations Non-Fiction Non-Fiction What is a celebration?
Does everyone celebrate Christmas?
Are all celebrations the same?