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Welcome to Class F1.

Mrs Williams would like to welcome you to our Class page.

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2018/19

Here are the topics we will be covering during the Autumn term, along with the linked core story and big questions we are going to ask:

Topic F1 Core Story Big Questions
Be the best you can be The Three Little Pigs Do we all like the same things?
How can I be a good learner?
What is a good friend?
Home Goldilocks and the Three Bears Who lives in your home?
Are all families special?
How do other people live?
Farms The Little Red Hen Can a lion live on a farm?
Where does our food come from?
How do animals grow?
Autumn We're Going on a Bear Hunt What is a season?
How do we know it is autumn?
Woodland Hide and Seek Who lives in woodlands?
How do woodland animals move?
Should we look after our environment?
Celebrations Non-Fiction What is a celebration?
Does everyone celebrate Christmas?
Are all celebrations the same?