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Welcome to Class Y6/5.

Mr Flanagan would like to welcome you to our Class page.

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2018/19

Hola Mexico!

During our project, we will be exploring the nation of Mexico, its geography, history and culture.

As Writers ... we will be refining and applying our research skills to create non-chronological reports, developing our use of powerful vocabulary and figurative language when describing landscapes as well as engaging with our class novel of "Holes" written by Louis Sacher.

As Scientists ... we will be deepening our knowledge of light and shadow and about adaptation and the theory of evolution.

As Artists ... we will be working with a variety of different media such as water colours sketching and shading pencils to create Mexican landscape paintings, design our own sugar skulls and produce detailed observational drawings of plants and animals native to Mexico.

As Geographers ... we will be studying the physical and human features of the different regions of Mexico and considering the similarities and differences between this country and Great Britain.

As Historians ... we will be learning about the ancient culture of the Mayan people, the contribution they made to history and why their civilisation declined.

As Musicians ... we will be learning some traditional Mexican songs and appraising what makes them so distinctive from British music.

As Dancers ... we will be devising our own Mexican dance.