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Welcome to Class Y6.

Miss Leach would like to welcome you to our Class page.

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2017/18

Hola, Mexico!

As Authors we will ... we will write informative reports about Mexico, create instructions, produce narratives based on ancient myths and legends, write celebration poetry.

As Scientists we will ... we will investigate how light travels, how shadows are formed and how we see things because light travels to our eyes.

As Historians we will ... we will research the historical period of the ancient Mayans and discover the origins of chocolate.

As Designers we will ... we will create traditional Mexican recipes and experiment with taste, evaluating our ideas and creations.

As Artists we will ... we will produce observational drawings and sketches in a variety of mediums.

As Enterprising Learners we will ... we will work collaboratively to create products for our Christmas Fair. In addition we will continue to build on skills which were explored at Kingswood such as communication, collaboration and energy.