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Welcome to Class Y5.

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What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2017/18

Off With Her Head!

During our project, we will be exploring the life and times in under the reign of Henry VIII.

As Writers ... we will be researching and compiling facts to create a biography of Henry VIII. We will also be writing in role as Tudors as well as writing historical narrative set in this time period.

As Artists ... we will be creating a collaborative piece of art work using shading techniques, creating models of Tudor houses and examining the portraits and work of Hans Holbein.

As Geographers ... we will be comparing and contrasting contemporary maps with the maps from this time period and identifying important towns, cities, buildings and landmarks.

As Historians ... we will developing our skills when using sources and evidence. We will be developing our knowledge of everyday life for both poorer and richer people who lived in the Tudor time period and delving into crime and punishment from this era.

As Musicians ... we will be appreciating and performing songs from this time. We will also be composing our own melodies using instruments.

As Dancers ... we will be learning a Tudor-style dance before creating our own in small groups.