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Welcome to Class Y4.

Miss Webster would like to welcome you to our Class page.

What are we learning? - Summer 1 Term 2017/18

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

As Authors ... we will produce fact files about the different human teeth and their functions. We will describe the simple functions of the digestive system. We will write a report on the function of the heart, looking into exercise on how to keep it healthy. We will plan and write a persuasive piece of text encourages reader to be more proactive about tooth and digestive hygiene.

As Scientists ... we will explore how the digestive system works and the importance of food. We will carry out practical experiments looking into tooth decay.

As Designers ... we will find out which foods contain sugar by studying packaging and labels. As well as designing out our packaging.

As Artists ... we will create a life size human body, adding all the vital organs.

As Enterprising Learners ... we will work collaboratively to support each other, sharing our ideas and deigns.

As Historians ... we will look into the research of previous medicines. We will research life expectancy and compare how and why it has changed over the years.

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2017/18

Could you survive on a mountain?

As Authors ... we will write informative explanations on various mountains, we will write a dairy focusing on the journey of a mountain climber, we will produces narratives based on real life stories and create instructions about essential equipment needed to survive.

As Scientists ... we will explore the three states of matter, investing gases, melting solids and freezing liquids.

As Geographers ... we will research the geographical location of various mountains, exploring what organism inhabit the surroundings, whilst also researching into climate and changes within climates.

As Designers ... we will create mountains and volcanoes using everyday materials, evaluating our ideas and creations.

As Artists ... we will produce observational drawings and sketches of pictures mountain scenery.

As Enterprising Learners ... we will work collaboratively to create products for our Christmas Fair.