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Welcome to Class Y3.

Miss Hunter would like to welcome you to our Class page.

What are we learning? - Summer 1 Term 2017/18


As Authors ... we will study and write newspaper articles. Also we will create exciting stories linked to our topic. During the topic, we will write our own non-chronological reports about volcanoes. We will write from the perspective of a child in Pompeii.

As Scientists ... we will identify the different diets for humans and animals and their nutritional requirements. Also, we will look at the skeletons and muscles of humans and animals. We will group and compare rocks and explore fossils.

As Musicians ... we will create a soundscape for a volcano and sound effects linked to work on Pompeii.

As Geographers ... we will utilise maps and atlases to investigate where tremors have happened in the world. We will record and create sketch maps. We will explore damage and destruction caused by tremors.

As Historians ... we will study the effects on Pompeii and we will explore life in a Roman town.

As Designers and Artists ... we will use clay to create a piece of artwork based on Pompeii. We will create 3D volcanoes. Also we will create a structure that could withstand an earthquake.

As Enterprising Learners ... we will focus on the following skills: design, vision, impact and energy.

What impact do tremors have on the world?

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2017/18

Gods and Mortals

As Authors ... we will create our diaries linked to life in Ancient Greece and what it's like to be a God or Goddess. We will write adventure stories. Where will our stories take us? We will explore reports and how we can inform people about what Ancient Greece was like.

As Scientists ... we will explore forces and magnets. We will compare how things move on different surfaces and observe how magnets attract and repel some materials and not others. We will make predictions during our scientific enquiry.

As Musicians ... we will focus on syllables to effectively write lyrics to feature in our own Blues song.

As Geographers ... we will discover the different layers of the ocean and explore how humans have an impact on the environment. We will name and locate the Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle and date time zones. We will describe some of the characteristics of these geographical areas.

As Historians ... we will learn about Ancient Greece - a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world. We will explore timelines and the battle of Marathon.

As Designers and Artists ... we will explore a range of materials and select the appropriate ones to support us in our 3D creations. We will also study various artists based around portraits. Wait until you see our Greek pottery!

As Enterprising Learners ... we will focus on communication, collaboration and creativity.

Did the Greeks change the way we think?