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Wrap Around Childcare

Wrap around childcare is provided by the school in order to support our working families. It is run on a not for profit basis, however charges are made to cover the costs of staffing, resources and food. Our parents say that they enjoy this service as they know that their child is safe at school and are having fun with their friends when they are having to work. Some parents report that they feel that their child settles better into school when they have been to the breakfast club.

Breakfast Club

We offer a breakfast club everyday which opens at 8am.

A charge of £2.00 is payable which includes the child’s breakfast, activities and childcare.

Activities include colouring, games, puzzles, sports and computing.


After School Clubs

We offer childcare each day after school. Currently the childcare runs from 3pm until 4pm, providing working parents with an additional hour before collection.

A charge of £3.00 is payable to cover the costs of a healthy snack, the activities and the childcare. (If your child participate in a sports activity, school are able to subsidise the payment using our sports premium therefore sports clubs are charged at £1.00)

Each half term, the school offers a menu of activities which children can choose from. There is a sports activity each day examples of which are:

  • Hockey

  • Football

  • Tag Rugby

  • Multisports

  • Cheerleading

  • Gymnastics

  • Athletics

 and an arts activity each day, examples of which are:

  • Singing

  • Box modelling

  • Construction kits

  • Pastel artwork

  • Robot making

  • Paint

  • Sewing

  • Christmas Crafts


If you would like to take advantage of our childcare services please contact the school office on 01709 740500.

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